Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Walk,Bike, Ride

This weekend my adventure in Philly took me into the northern liberties.  Due to rain my friend who accompanied me and I decided to take a cab.  The cab ride was an adventure in itself, we told the cab driver to drop us off at 2nd and Gerrard.  The cab driver proceeded to tell us his whole life story,  about how he had a rough morning from the night before and how at 7:30 we were his first ride of the night, then he got lost and we ended up getting a discounted cab ride when he finally got us to our destination.  When we got there we didn't exactly know where we wanted to go for dinner but the area was really cute so we decided to just walk until we found a good place.  We ended up walking into a restaurant called El Camino.  Its a Tex-Mex restaurant that had a really cute atmosphere.  Our waiter was great he had the most awesome mustache that I've ever seen.  We had dinner and talked for a while.  We eventually left and headed back home.  We took another cab home cause it was raining and we weren't quite sure where we could get the subway home from there.  It ended up an uneventful night but a good find for a cute inexpensive restaurant.  We will definitely be returning for dinner again.

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